Apr 2, 2023
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CollectorLabs PiNFT

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CollectorLabs is a platform that allows individuals to own a fraction of a rare collectible object, without having to pay the full price. With CollectorLabs, exclusive and high-value items that were previously unattainable become accessible to everyone, through fractional ownership.

On April 12, 2023, CollectorLabs will launch its PiNFT series on the OpenSea marketplace. PiNFTs are NFTs that represent a fractional share in a rare physical collectible item. The launch item is a unique piece of pop music history – an outfit that was worn on stage by Madonna during her ‘Whos that girl’ tour in 1987. There is only one of these items, and only 300 PiNFTs will be sold. 75 have already been sold in the pre-sale, leaving only 225 available for the public launch.

Each PiNFT comes with unlockable content that includes certificates of authenticity and ownership, as well as a unique provenance document. This is just the first in a series of rare collectibles that CollectorLabs will be launching, each representing a part of our planet’s history.

The value of the launch item is currently $30k USD, and each PiNFT will be priced at $100 USDC on the polygon blockchain. Fractionalized PiNFTs offer a global opportunity for people to own a part of something that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. Additionally, they are valued against the item itself and are not impacted by volatility in the cryptocurrency markets. With CollectorLabs, owning a piece of history has never been easier or more accessible.


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