Mar 29, 2023
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Intelligenz NFT

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The Intelligenz NFT collection has a fascinating origin story that started with an artist named Obsessive Mimicry. This visionary artist was interested in exploring the connection between physical and spiritual realms and had studied various spiritual practices and esoteric teachings over the years. One day, while meditating in his studio, Mr. Mimicry had a powerful vision of beings existing in a state of pure energy that could take on human-like forms and interact with the physical world. This vision captivated him, and he worked tirelessly for a year to create a series of 100 artworks that captured the essence of his vision. The artworks feature vibrant colors and textures that reflected the flow of universal energy, and each piece had a humanoid face that was both physical and energetic. The Intelligenz NFT collection quickly gained a following, and many people reported feeling a sense of connection to the energy of the artworks, some even claiming to have had profound spiritual experiences while viewing them. For Obsessive Mimicry, this collection is a labor of love and a way to share his deepest beliefs with the world. The Intelligenz NFT collection is a testament to the power of art to capture the imagination and connect people to something larger than themselves.

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