Mar 29, 2023
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Yield Ones NFT

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We are excited to announce this new project, the Yield Ones, which is set to revolutionize DeFi yield farming on Polygon. The Yield Ones are the first true #realyield NFTs on Polygon, and offer a unique new way to incentivize automated market making with NFTs.

By collecting a Yield Ones NFT, you can gain access to the Yield Ones yield farming platform and DEX, and take advantage of gamified incentives via NFTs. With every level up of your Yield Ones NFT, your reward chances improve, and you can use your NFT to gain access to exclusive features and rewards.

Their platform rewards users for swapping tokens with collectible NFTs or in their native token $REALYIELD. Liquidity providers who wish to yield farm on Yield One’s platform will also need a Yield One NFT.

The Genesis Yield Ones collection will be minted on March 31 2023, with unique attributes that future Yield Ones will not have, including the ability to passively generate their platform’s native token, $REALYIELD, through staking. So don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the future of DeFi yield farming on Polygon with the Yield Ones.


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